Recruiting your V-team


Who would make up your ideal team? For me, this is a highly pertinent question since, as a freelancer, I don’t go into an office with a team of people every day. But that doesn’t stop me having a team. I need people around me to spark off ideas, to challenge my thinking, introduce me to a wider network, and to make good gaps in my own skills. To that end I work informally with a range of people who are as committed to my success in life and business as I am in theirs. Just at the minute I need to work with some creative people, some with marketing experience, some who understand web-based analytics, and some who are more experienced coaches. Some of these people I work with bi-laterally and some of us collaborate in a number of smaller teams that come together around common interests.

The beauty of it is that I get to choose my team members and they get to choose me

So how about you? You may be in a team already in a workplace, or you might have a business where you work most of your time alone. Either way you still have the option of gathering around you a virtual team who each share the common characteristics of having a skill or attribute that you need to enhance your business performance, and who want you – you personally – to do well.

Coaching in action

Take 15 minutes to sit down and think about the kind of people who need to be on your V-team. Think about current barriers to success – where do you regularly feel vulnerable or frustrated? What kind of person can support you to overcome these, either by sharing the skills you need or who can offer to do the stuff you can’t in return for the skills, approaches, experience and contacts that you can offer them in return? Or who do you know who is a notch or two better at your job than you are, and who will get a real kick out of seeing you become as good as they are?

Then go recruit!

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